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Outline of the Firefighter Campaign

Firefighter Fellowship is a grassroots attempt at helping to promote and unite firefighters in every state, country and across the world by using an assortment of Internet resources, social media platforms and other traditional means.

 Firefighter Fellowship is also an attempt to better unify firefighter friends, family of firefighters and even fans of firefighters into an army, or fellowship. If we can help bring the “brotherhood” closer together by use of our Facebook pages, or websites, or Ezines, or whatever means, then that will be our goal. Everybody and almost anybody can be a member of Firefighter Fellowship, as long as they decently, sincerely and honestly share our goal to help firefighters worldwide.

My name is Scott O’Neill and I am working on a “Fire Program” with the RC&D.This RC&D campaign will be directed at assisting career, volunteer, retired and Junior firefighters, their departments and programs, plus uniting the families, friends, and supporters of firefighters into participating in this effort. This campaign will include a carefully selected group of URL domains, websites, online magazines, social media pages, software and expertise to begin with an overall online effort to also assist with recruitment, retention and recognition of more firefighters. Mostly this campaign will utilize most everything it has to promote unity, family and “Brotherhood”. We’ll also offer all firefighters, all departments and others, free website and hosting services, free promotion services, free fundraising and campaign services, and resources to help the Brotherhood in every way we can!

The new program was initially launched with three online magazines,, and plus the assistance of multiple Facebook pages with a membership base of over 500,000 fans and growing fast.

Strategically combining these websites, Ezines and social media pages showed to work well as an information and promotion medium, and with the addition of many more planned sites and pages, we believe it will do even better. Adding more sites in the near future, like and many other specially selected natural URL domain sites will only expand the reach of this program with writers waiting to begin supplying content. We also have some “secret weapon” technology that will help us dominate the Internet for almost anything about fires and firefighters.

The potential is high with the initial reach of over 1,000,000 fans on several firefighter Facebook pages, and an extended SHARE reach in the multi-millions with the co-workers, family and friends of these fans. Now, we are including a new “membership” program that has already been well received and talked about. Placement of the entire campaign under the name of this and .org has already shown signs of a potentially huge launch of this effort. Initial test with Facebook posting and T-shirt sales have shown very encouraging signs of success. Firefighter Fellowship will not act as an association, auxiliary, or Union, but more of an International grassroots support group with free membership. It’s not a “religious” organization per se, but simply the idea of bringing together all firefighters, their organizations and associations, plus their family, friends and fans to create a united front.

Membership is gained by signing up for the news letters, or joining us on Facebook, or even wearing our T-shirts, thus participating in promoting us and firefighters. We’ll probably, eventually include a membership form and even have benefits, but that is secondary. By this means, we hope to grow quickly and broadly and then work on developing our organization into a more “organized” association. Utilizing all our sites, Ezines, Facebook pages and more to help firefighters, and unite those that support them worldwide, this may become a force that can make a difference.

We have collected what we believe is potentially the most powerful and far reaching portfolio of natural/organic URL domain names for any group out there. Using this multitude of sites, in a strategic and planned manner to focus on most everything that any Internet searcher could want to find, our reach may be beyond our expectations. Once they have been reached, we want to bring them in for recruitment, participation, support, questions and answers or just awareness of firefighters, their needs and causes.

Starting with the Facebook pages for a ready source of readership, writers and participants, then expanding to the Firefighter Forums, we’ll focus on bringing them together. Then with membership of individuals, organizations and associations with Firefighter Fellowship and the International Firefighter Organizations we will be able to help in all areas of need and beyond. The websites and landing pages will continue to reach even more participants, but with the Facebook pages alone growing at a rate of over 1000 new fans PER DAY, we’re well on our way. Partnership and sponsorship with businesses, foundations and individuals will become common, plus grants will help us continue to build. This is just the beginning, but with websites, Ezines, outreach sites, social media, forums and more, we believe that we are well on our way to starting something that can make a true difference in the firefighter world.

Here is a list of some of our upcoming websites and Ezines, plus the Facebook pages to help support and promote this program under the umbrella of the RC&D. Click on any of them to check them out.

Plus, with their friends, family and viral reach, we’re into the multi- millions