Firefighter Fellowship is an open membership of firefighters, friends and family of firefighters, or anybody at all that appreciates and supports firefighters. We began as a local idea, then a state concept in Texas, but national focus was obvious and with social media shrinking the world, we now realize this is an International, global, even Universal fellowship. The fire does not differentiate, it does not change for one individual, location, culture or any measure, so we all fight the same beast.

Firefighter Fellowship is a grass roots association and to join you simply sign up for the newsletters, join our Facebook pages or wear one of our T-shirts. Firefighter Fellowship T-shirts can be found on our websites, online magazines or social media pages and HERE. We’ll be adding other items that help support our cause with the “Firefighter Fellowship” crest and we will be continuously running campaigns to increase membership, spread the word and support our cause and mission. Any funds raised will go to the RC&D 501c3 non-profit and 100% to supporting this campaign and others to help promote firefighters, their departments, associations and causes.

So go check out our T-shirts and find some you like, pay your dues and wear it to support Firefighter Fellowship. You can buy one a year or one a month because they’ll all be different, carrying a different message, but showing your support for firefighters.