Firefighter Fellowship is a grassroots effort to help promote and unite firefighters around the world. Membership is FREE, just sign up for newsletters, get a T-shirt, send a donation or follow Facebook. Open to ALL firefighters, PLUS their family, friends and fans, together, we can help our fire departments.

Start Here for Information about Firefighter Fellowship

Start Here for Information about Firefighter Fellowship

Do you want a basic gleam of who and what we are? What are we trying to do with this online magazine, other Ezines and websites, Facebook pages, and even T-shirts and other memorabilia. Start here and read more or check out….

Mission Statement and Goals of Firefighter Fellowship

Firefighter Fellowship will be utilized to promote unity, “Brotherhood” and the “family” of all firefighters. This campaign will use all means available to create a fellowship of firefighters, plus their family, friends and fans for the betterment of everyone involved, especially our communities.

FIREFIGHTER FELLOWSHIP GOALS: Of course, we would like to do all kinds of things that we are not yet financially able to do at this time. With limited resources, manpower, funding and ability, we will do what we can at the time, but as we grow we hope to be able to get into some of the loftier benefits of paid membership associations and organizations.

The Firefighter’s Workout | The New York Times

Courtesy: Burbank Fire Department / Source: YouTube

Firefighter Unity

Do we still have unity, a “Brotherhood” a family? What has happened to us, is it good or bad? Career/paid vs Volunteers, and then we have men, women, white, black, Hispanic, Asian, wildlands, structure, Union, non-union and the list goes on….

Firefighter Unity

This will be one of the goals of Firefighter Fellowship, unity. It seems that we have lost some of our past camaraderie and fellowship. If it’s not paid verses volunteer, or men verses women, is troops verses staff, and at any level, we shouldn’have a problem with each other, we’re a family, a “Brotherhood”. Now, we don’t need to go back to some of the old complaints about the “good ole boy” program, or being about “who you know” to get on or get along within a department. It shouldn’t be about who has been around the longest or who is the most popular, or “you’re not from around here”. Instead, we should work toward a unity with anyone willing to train and have our back when those tones go off.

Sometimes, we might even need the help of civilians, untrained personnel, and in some emergency or catastrophic situations that help should be welcome. And yes, not all firefighters have received the same training, not all have the same experience, not all have the same temperament, attitude and abilities, but we are all fire fighters, we all have stepped up to serve, together, for our communities and each other.

This site, these online magazines, these websites, these social media platforms and everything we do will try and help that fellowship, bring back the family “Brotherhood” of like minded people with similar interest, goals and work.

Firefighter Recruitment, Retention and Recognition

What is it going to take to help with recruitment, retention and recognition of these men and women? How are we going to change the tide? Help us find solutions before it’s too late…

This may not be the only problem we have, but it’s certainly one of the more important problems. Volunteers make up over 75% of firefighters, in some States, volunteers literally make up over 97% of all firefighters. The problem is, we don’t have enough people stepping up or staying with it to keep up the good fight.

 Whether it’s the economy, apathy, the demise of family and community, whatever it is, the volunteer firefighter is on the decline, when the need is higher than ever. To us, it actually doesn’t matter what the problem is, we need to find the solution, we need to find a way to change the current decline in numbers and maintain those that are still with us.

Firefighter Memorial

A Firefighter Memorial is something that we would eventually like to be a part of, whether a physical statute memorial, or online stories memorials, we are considering this with will be utilized along with our other websites to help commemorate and remember our lost and fallen brethren. We are still considering and working on the possibilities of how we can become involved and best serve our communities. If you have ideas, abilities or desire to be involved, please let us know, thank you.

Perhaps for now, we can use the site to promote the existing Memorials and coming Memorials, while waiting to possibly be involved with one we can help with.