Facebook Firefighters and Volunteer Firefighter Pages

Facebook Power- With five Firefighter Facebook pages, well over half a million direct fans, plus multi- millions of friends of fans, our Facebook pages for firefighters, volunteer firefighters, Texas firefighters and more have some Facebook power.

Facebook Firefighters and Volunteer Firefighters

Facebook is an unusual creature, it’s social media at it’s best, but still very much a controversial monster. We got into it kicking and screaming, wanting nothing to do with this “kids playground”. But, we have found that Facebook may be one of our more powerful tools for getting the word out and marketing.

Consider all other forms of marketing, or advertisement like television, radio, magazines, newspapers, billboards and such that promote and tell the world about products and services. They all work on a “shotgun approach” trying to hit their audience, hoping that about 2 -4% of the viewing audience is even interested in the advertised subject matter being promoted. Hopefully 2-4% are even interested in a new refrigerator, brand of toothpaste, vacation spot, truck, sale item or service and will respond to the ad. Facebook is more like a “bullet approach” when it comes to promotion, the people that have signed up to get information by placing a LIKE on your page, want the subject matter, “firefighters”. They want to know about firefighters and all that you share, even when you’re marketing or advertising, they’re interested and your reach is closer to 100% like a bullet if your aim is good.  

I didn’t even mention the comparison to the old phone book “Yellow Pages” because it seems to be a forgotten medium, especially for young people. Most young folks don’t even know about the Yellow Pages, much less use it, except for maybe a doorstop. The Yellow Pages was a place that advertised like a “bullet approach” when you look up what you want and usually called the business with the biggest, brightest or most cleaver ad among all the other advertisers. Facebook is even better than that, on Facebook “fans” have signed up to our pages because they’re interested in firefighters.

We even have the unofficial “official” pages for firefighters given by Facebook in the domain name URLs like Facebook Firefighters, Facebook Volunteer Firefighter and Facebook Texas Firefighters, so it doesn’t get much better than that. Our Facebook pages are growing by over 1000 new fans per day at the time of this writing and we hope those numbers will continue to grow. But when a Facebook page is shared, or especially when it goes “viral”, the reach can easily go into the hundreds of thousands and even millions of firefighter fans. So, these Facebook pages are an important part of Firefighter Fellowship and it’s growth and we LIKE using them to promote firefighters.

Plus, with their friends, family and viral reach, we’re into the multi-millions

Half Million Firefighter Fans on Facebook Firefighters page

Facebook’s “official” Firefighter page, plus family and friends supports Firefighter Fellowship with discussions of unity, Brotherhood and more, check out these post and numbers…. Facebook.com/Firefighters is THE Facebook Firefighter page.

Even though the page “only” has a quarter million fans, the reach is much further with these fans, family and friends. As you can see, several of our post hit several millions of friends of fans and many hit hundreds of thousands more, drawing them to our page and cause. That is the reach of Facebook, literally growing by over 1000 new fans PER DAY.

Another 75,000 fans on Facebook’s Texas Firefighters

Facebook’s Texas Firefighters page with over 75,000 fans equates to well over 500,000 firefighter fans total.

Texas Firefighters supporting Firefighter Fellowship 75,000 fans and growing fast.

Another 200,000 Facebook Volunteer Firefighter fans page

Over 200,000 Volunteer Firefighter Facebook fans are following us. Now, they can also be involved with Firefighter Fellowship and those numbers will grow as we develop this campaign. Check out these responses to our announcing this campaign on the “official” Facebook Volunteer Firefighter page

This is the question that was asked Jan 2nd on our Volunteer Firefighter page and a few fans responses…

“Would you be interested in and what would you think of an organization or campaign that tried to unite ALL firefighters as well as their family, friends and fans?

As far as we can tell, there is no such organization statewide, nationally or Internationally that is focused on ALL Firefighters. Open to ALL Volunteer, paid/career, retired and Juniors, plus their families and supporters, so we’re working on one with Firefighter Fellowship and it will be open to everyone that is involved with firefighters”.