Firefighter Fellowship “Church Signs”

The Firefighter Fellowship concept and it’s relationship to the Firefighter Fellowship “Church Signs”. First, this is not a church, part of a church, planning a church or anything involving a church. But we LIKE the concept and potential, not to be a church, but a fellowship, so read more here…

When we first came up with the name idea, Firefighter Fellowship, we had community, camraderie, Brotherhood, unity and “fellowship” in mind for ALL firefighters. Not only paid, career, retired to Junior firefighters, but also their family, friends and our fans. Unfortunately, the name conjured up religion or “Lord of the Rings” images to some  folks that we asked, which was not what we were trying to do (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

So, we decided to use these signs to spread positive messages about firefighters and fire fighting on our Sunday morning Facebook posts. There is no “church building” or “church” associated with these signs or our organization and these are made up signs (photoshopped) from our admins and fans.

We try and keep these signs neutral, but when it comes to “religious” post there will always be someone offended or wanting to take issue with almost anything that you say. We also try to keep away from “controversial religious” post in general, but because of our name, and normally only on Sunday mornings, we feel it to be appropiate and acceptable to share these messages on our page. It is our page, our name, Sunday morning and our right to post most anything we want, and if you don’t LIKE it, just skip it, move on, wait for the next post, or unLIKE the page instead of getting into fights. If we say anything that is inappropiate or “wrong”, we’ll be happy to discuss it with you, just email us at or PM the page.

As far as what Firefighter Fellowship is trying to do, or who we are, let me try and explain. We’re just a grassroots organization trying to create a “Fellowship” of firefighters working online towards common goals and unity. We know of many organizations out there that are trying to help firefighters, and we don’t want to step on anyones toes or duplicate other efforts. But we found that nobody was doing what we wanted to do, and that is to unite ALL firefighters and the firefighter extended family. Yes, it’s a lofty goal, perhaps even too lofty and “impossible” as we have been told, but we don’t care and will attempt to move forward. 

 Now, you may say there are already organizations like this, but we could not find any. We found some local, and even state organizations and associations that were close, but we found most to be exclusive organizations. Good organizations, and serving a needed purpose, but not what we were wanting to see and do, as an all inclusive, International Organization or association. There are national organizations, and even International organizations that again come close, but “no cigar”, they just don’t get what we’re after. We all know of the national and International volunteer and paid/career associations, but those are exclusive to volunteers or paid/career firefighters. Then there are the International Women, Black, Hispanic, Irish and all kinds of other associations, but again, obviously limited and somewhat exclusive to those individuals. We found a couple of “social” groups that LIKE everyone, but they were not really interested in where we’re heading. Then we kept hearing about the religious and particularly Christian fellowships, but again, they are exclusive, wanting their religious ideas or Christian doctrines to be a part of their membership, which is all fine, just not what we’re after. 

 There is, as far as we can tell, no such thing as a truly National, much less International organization that is ALL inclusive in scope for firefighters and especially inclusive of those that support firefighters as well. So, that is what we want to develop, and the name Firefighter Fellowship is just one part of that. Hopefully the Firefighter Fellowship idea will include all individuals and departments, but also all organizations, associations and councils locally, statewide, nationally and Internationally. We have even created some other sites and group name that will be included to evolve this concept under the banner of Firefighter Fellowship.

Names like United Brotherhood, International Firefighters, International Volunteer Firefighters, Firefighter Associations, Firefighter Organizations, Firefighter Brotherhood, Junior Firefighters, United Firefighters International, International Firefighter Organizations, Fire Departments, Volunteer Fire Departments, Vollies and more, all of which we already own the domain names and sites for.  

We will promote this organization utilizing , social media pages and with campaigns like,, We can help raise support with efforts like our,, Firefighter and so much more.

 Now, as far as this Firefighter Fellowship “Church Signs” idea, let’s see where it goes. We’re not going to push “religion”, or Christianity or any form of spirtuality per se, but we’re not against it either. Will our efforts include any of this, of course, already has and will continue to do so. We may end up focusing more of the spiritual element to the website, rather than the online magazine, which will be mostly used for the purposes of our mission. Firefighter Fellowship is a ministry so to speak, it is not a religious organization, but it is not against religious organizations, but it’s goal is not religion, but unity, “Brotherhood” and fellowship of firefighters and their extended families. In fact, it is a ministry of “The Lords Church”, but a ministry that is focused on conversion, but simply fellowship, comraderie and brotherhood, kind of like Boy Scouts.

Firefighter Fellowship Mission Statement:   

To provide a proactive venue to unite firefighters world-wide, whether volunteer or paid, and without regard to religion, race, gender, political persuasion or nationality. 

We will try and help with unity and Brotherhood, we will try and help with all kinds of needs from training, equipment, apparatus, and general support. We will utilize our websites, Eznes, social media pages and more to help with recruitment, retention and recognition while trying to rebuild the comraderie that firefighters yearn for. Do we have all the answers, NO. Do we think we can do this without others help, NO.  Do we know that we will succeed, NO. Do we at least try, YES!

And during that time, we’ll have fun with this Firefighter Fellowship idea and the “Church Sign” post, especially on Sundays. They obviously stirred up some discussion, some good, some even bad. Emotions were “pricked” but we are sure that in the end this will work out for the good of firefighters and those that support us. 

Here are a few of the first, original Facebook post that caused me to write this explanation. You should read the responses and comments, it was quite lively with what people believed, or thought that we we’re doing or saying, but the post are fun and we hope they help us reach our goal, unity and the betterment of the Firefighters.

Facebook Post Comments and Debate