Mission & Goals

Firefighter Fellowship will be utilized to promote unity, “Brotherhood” and the “family” of all firefighters. This campaign will use all means available to create a fellowship of firefighters, plus their family, friends and fans for the betterment of everyone involved, especially our communities.

Some of the goals of Firefighter Fellowship, obviously focused on creating a fellowship of firefighters, but also a fellowship of family, friends and fans of firefighters.


Of course, we would like to do all kinds of things that we are not yet financially able to do at this time. With limited resources, manpower, funding and ability, we will do what we can at the time, but as we grow we hope to be able to get into some of the loftier benefits of paid membership associations and organizations. We hope that ability will be soon coming, but for now, we’ll use what we have to do what we can. With our websites, online magazines, and super powerful Facebook pages, we’ll use these to do these things for now.

  • Provide a bigger base of support
  • Promote unity, brotherhood and family
  • Promote all Firefighter concerns in all ways possible
  • Promote volunteer firefighters as “unpaid professionals”
  • Promote Junior firefighters as the future of firefighters
  • Promote training and certification for all, equally
  • Promote recruitment, retention and recognition
  • Promote firefighter programs and fund raisers
  • Promote community safety and disaster preparation
  • Provide a “voice” and means to communicate
  • Remember our retired and past firefighters
  • Announce and pay respects for LODDs
  • Share ideas, concepts and information
  • Engage firefighters, family and fans with conversation
  • Spread the word about Firefighter Fellowship
  • Make a visible presence with T-shirts, Hoodies and other soon to come items.
  • Bring together an army of supporters for our future.

More future goals and possibilities Firefighter Fellowship as we grow

  • Offer free websites, hosting and support
  • Offer support with recruitement campaigns
  • Offer support with fund raising efforts
  • Offer promotion for events and activities
  • Offer events and activities like shows, cook-offs, concerts, camps

 We would like to create a membership and benefits program that could include 

  • Grant writing help
  • Fund Finding assistance
  • org support for special needs
  • Discounted life and health insurance
  • Discounted supplemental insurance
  • Discounted home and auto insurance
  • Discounted legal aid
  • Discounted travel
  • Firefighter Fellowship relief/rescue efforts
  • Community Projects

This is just the beginning, and initial thoughts, we’re open and hopeful of where this will lead.

If you want more information about us or our resources, check here.

If you have ideas, means to help or just want to help contact FireMagazines@yahoo.com