We don’t get days off

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We don’t get days off in this field. I don’t mean the typical, “we are always on duty”.

Most people don’t understand the mental toll missing holidays has on a First Responder. The mindset commonly seen, involves a bad attitude while working a holiday. It doesn’t have to be like that. You aren’t alone. You have your partners their with you. If you shift your perspective, these men/women are your family. Enjoy the time with them. Sure it sucks not seeing your family, but how many people can say they get paid to celebrate Thanksgiving, all while doing the job they love? Many jobs require employees to work holidays such as retail workers, prison guards and even airport workers. These jobs don’t allow their employees to nap in the recliner, after eating Thanksgiving dinner. We are so lucky in this field, and it’s commonly over looked. Once someone shifts how they perceive a situation, the best of that situation can come to light.

This holiday I want to do something special. There’s so many kids out there who are in need. Children in need, are usually the ones making the best out of every situation. They are also the most appreciative. Can you imagine the smile these kids would have, if they receive a new jacket for Christmas? That’s why my page “medic element” is going to release its first patch. Proceeds will help children stay warm this holiday season, and offer them a gift to keep them safe. Follow medic element¬†on Facebook, medic_element on Instagram and medic element.com to vote on your favorite design.


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