Don’t say. Act

author: medic element

Why is it that it takes a tragedy to make us act? Just like the fire service has done, measures need to be in place for when disaster strikes. Everyone is guilty of sharing a Facebook post, Instagram photo and so fourth with the caption “please help this person out”. Since I will be writing for this page, I wanted to elaborate on my plan to help others in the Fire service and also promote others to do the same.

The idea is to create an EMS/FIRE in need foundation. What will it cover? It will cover a Firefighter’s son/daughters new pair of shoes. It will cover a Paramedics re-certification costs if they aren’t able to work from an illness. It could also even cover the cost of monthly bills if a Firefighter or Paramedic is out of work.

I’m working as hard as possible to make this happen so help will be their when those it’s needed. This isn’t a post saying, “look at me”. I want to promote others to take action and be ready for when disaster strikes. This job. This field. It’s all about looking out for each other. At only 21 years old, I’m trying to start this foundation. Right now I’m selling my design, as stickers/patches on my site, until I gain funding. If you want one, check out my site. All it takes is an idea. From an idea, you can help change someones life. If you have an idea on how to better resources available to First Responders, just make it happen. We need more people looking out for us.

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