Brotherhood is universal

(medic element)


I will start this by introducing myself. I’m a NREMT-P in Illinois, working for two Fire departments. The above photo is myself in an Paris, France. What makes my story slightly unique is my journey. Currently, the project I’m working on involves an EMS/FIRE in need foundation, a student resource center and traveling to different firehouses/ambulances around the world.

So why do I say brotherhood is universal? Not to sound cliche, but because I’ve experienced it first hand. While in Bar-Le-Duc, France I stopped at a local fire house. There I meet a group of Fireman and it was the same show as in the US. As soon as these men found out I was involved in EMS/FIRE, in the US, they went above and beyond to make my grandfather and I feel welcomed. We were invited into their home, shown every piece of equipment they had and were taught about their operations. (these guys are also animal control/bee removal) While leaving, we were attacked with gifts including with shirts, patches and even a Lt.’s European helmet.

This isn’t the important part though. The important part is, when they found out I was involved in the same line of work, I was welcomed. Not only I, but also my grandfather. We were treated like family. They offered for us to stay for dinner, gave us drinks and really went above and beyond to show hospitality. This is something many of us forget about after working long shifts, having a bad call or even having a bad day. There’s always time for hospitality and always more hours in the day to sleep. I hope everyone tries to make a fellow firefighter or EMS personal feel welcomed. After all, we all do the same job….for the same reason.

I know this is brief but i’m actually on shift now. I’ve got a lot of good stories I can share. (how I ended up in a German ladder truck over looking a whole city?) If anyone is interested in seeing pictures they’re on my Website:, Instagram: medic_element and Facebook: I look forward to sharing department stories from around the world!

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